We believe...

It's possible to grow everything a small community needs on six acres, and we mean everything but salt.

It means better health for our minds, our bodies, and our souls.
It makes our taste buds happier too!

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Welcome our new farm manager! Mark Congdon

We are honored and delighted to have one of the most decorated local farm managers come to lead our team. Mark Congdon has been trained by one of the founders of the Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) movement. He has more than twelve years of experience running much larger farms. He’s inspired by our vision, and we are inspired by his knowledge, expertise, and down to earth personhood.

living our motto

We live and breathe our motto: shockingly local, everything but salt. We aspire to be the leader in teaching the world how to grow everything to sustain a small number of families on six acres. Here at Honey Nut Farm, we have planted everything we need to live off the grid, if we have to. In the mean time, we will eat the most appetizing and nutritious foods possible.

We invite you to join us!

Honey Nut Farm

219 Pond Street, Hopkinton MA 01748

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