Supermarket produce has been genetically altered and selected over time to appear fresh after traveling for weeks from far-away places like Mexico and California at the cost of both nutrition and flavor. Indeed these desert environments were never intended to support large commercial agricultural operations and have thoroughly depleted the environment's capacity to support them, surviving now on large government subsidies to keep their operations afloat. 

Here at Honey Nut Farm we believe in local agriculture, as well as ethical farming that is supported naturally by the land through the development and implementation of holistic, restorative, and regenerative practices. Honey Nut's 6 acres represent a diverse polyculture that supports local wildlife and pollinators, as well as the people living here and in the local community. 

Currently we are working toward designing and implementing our meal kit delivery service while currently supplying a range of microgreens to the local community through farmer's markets and distribution to restaurants and grocery stores. 

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